I became part of the Crossfit Ivory family in 2017. Initially I started off going to gym once or twice a week. When I started I weighed 130 kgs with very little ambition to lose weight or live a healthy life. I just wanted to move a little. I couldn't anticipate the challenges that would lay ahead of me in 2018. Thankfully, crossfit became my pillar of stability and assisted me in coping with the chaos that life brought on my path. I'm grateful to have lost 29 kgs in 10 months thanks to adopting a healthy diet and exercising daily. However, it was the support that the coaches and fellow crossfitters gave during my trying times that gave me the inspiration to stick to my healthy life. Looking forward to greater gains in 2020.

Francios Naude


I started at Crossfit Ivory in 2017.
Initially I just wanted to exercise more frequently. I could see and feel the progression I am making. I managed to lift heavier weights and master gymnastic movements I never thought I would. The impact crossfit had on my life, not only physically but mentally as well motivate me to want to crossfit daily. 
Last year I started to focus more on my diet and managed to lost 16kgs in 3 months. 
Crossfit has given me confidence and most of all gave me the ability to believe in myself. I know that anything can be achieved throughout commitment and consistency. 
I will be forever grateful that I joined Crossfit Ivory. The continous support and encouragement from the coaches motivates me.I want to continue my crossfit journey and improve in all areas

Ingrid Kleynhans


 I joined crossfit Ivory in November in 2016, struggling with many personal challenges, I have always struggled with putting myself out there, what start as a goal to shred a couple of kilograms has turned into a lifestyle of self discipline and improvement, I found the people to be encouraging, engaging and real, always concentrating on their journeys but taking their own time to help me push myself to new heights. To this day I have lost 13kgs, can run 5km without stopping in 30min and have a self confidence so strong others would love to have it, Crossfit Ivory is a unique box because I believe its core value is family and friendship, they helped me more than they will ever realize!. Love them all!

Trevor Lehmann


While growing up, I was always the kid that didn’t feel real comfortable in my own body. I had issues with weight throughout my child hood and all the way up and still constantly perfecting what I feel isn’t good enough, but through Ivory they have learned me that it’s not all about perfection but progression . 4 years ago I started Crossfit , not knowing what to expect and fear of not fitting in but Since day 1 I felt comfortable in the box and that had everything to do with the coaches and athletes that pushed me daily. I started to see changes in my weight and my confidence boosted. Not only did my confidence get stronger but my overall physique was changing and getting stronger  and that was my overall goal and still going strong. . I can assure the coaches will do their part but it’s not going to happen without you doing yours! Get in here and give it a try. I promise Ivory won’t let you down!

Caylin Johst